• Ben Paterson

Effective, functional and stylish bathroom wall coverings

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

"The Rolls Royce of Plaster Finishes"

Rockcote Marrakesh is a traditional lime plaster system originating from the Marrakesh region of Morocco where Tadelakt wall surfacing techniques have been used for centuries to create hard and durable finishes.

As Artisans, we skillfully apply The Rockcote Marrakesh Lime Plaster Finish to create a seamless and luxurious look without the need for bathroom tiles on your walls, so say goodbye to grout!

The natural plaster system has water-repelling properties that are mold and mildew resistant and adaptable to climate and environmental changes.

The impenetrable qualities of Rockcote Marrakesh make it perfect for wet and humid areas, as seen historically in bathrooms and kitchens of Morocco.

Curves and texture can be utilized to create a natural, bohemian look or choose a

polished and waxed finish to achieve a glossy, marble look- comparable to Venetian plaster.

Each project is one of a kind and it can applied throughout your entire home or commercial space; think feature walls, kitchens, exterior finishes, crafted bedheads- get creative because the possibilities are endless. Rockcote Marrakesh can be applied over top of existing building substrates, surfaces or we can craft custom features from scratch.

During the process, you can rely on Texture & Trowel Exteriors to undertake preparation to fully waterproof the surfaces of your bathroom to comply with NZBC requirements.

MAINTENANCE- Wipe with water- no chemicals necessary (chemicals will actually affect the surface).

Texture & Trowel Exteriors are thrilled to be Rockcote Artisans, get in touch to discuss your building or renovation plans.